Report Justification


Research Topic: Stray Cats in Singapore

Chosen Area of Focus: Public’s and Government’s Perception of Stray Cats  

Members: Lai Yong Rong, Rikesh Tiwari, Andres Wong and Marc Neo

Framing our research topic
Our chosen area of focus is “The Public’s and Government’s Perception of Stray Cats”.

Reasons for choice of topic
  • We have chosen this topic as most of the public have a perception that stray cats are “bad” or “make our environment filthy”. The government has also made some moves against stray cats.
  • This would allow us to fulfil the requirements of the project task as the project task looks at the Public’s and Government’s Perception of Stray Cats from a good and bad point of view.
  • This topic benefits society as people will know more about the Public’s and Government’s Perception of Stray Cats.

Feasibility of the research
  1. There is a need for our research, as many people do not know about this perception that people have about stray cats. Hence, our research can help to let these people know when to stop discriminating them.
  2. It is possible to carry out and complete the project, as there are many students in the school or public in Singapore that we can survey on and interview.
  3. The research provides us with quite a number of opportunities for generation of ideas. We will have to think of ways to do certain things in the project. For analysis and evaluation of ideas, we will have many opportunities to analyse information and evaluate ideas on how to decide what to do next for our project.

Manageability of the research
  1. We would try to complete the project as quickly and carefully as we can, trying our best not to go out of point and staying as close to the topic as possible.
  2. This research on stray cats provides sufficient opportunity for group work as we will need to discuss a lot of matters regarding the project, for example who will be assigned to do what component of the project and we will have to work together.
  3. We do anticipate some difficulties along the way, such as poor communication among the group members and lack of data. We intend to cope with these difficulties by trying to get the group to go and upload their findings and their part of the project onto a google drive spreadsheet

Accessibility of the information required
  1. Information/knowledge that will be relevant to our research would be the amount of time people usually spend on social networking websites on average each day.
  2. We will be obtaining this information from primary and secondary sources, depending on which one gives more reliable and useful information.
  3. Some alternatives that we have thought of would be to ask others for information or where can we find the information that we need.
  4. Some problems we anticipate while gathering materials would be that the information that we can find is not entirely relevant to our project and that that is already the closest piece of information among all others that we have found.


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